Travel X/Y/Z:640/400/500mm

main spindle:BT40/12000rpm

Rapid feel:36000mm/min


machine features:
   The base is completely of mineral-cast construction, with internal built-in steel structure and the external one- piece molding, and the reference face for guideway installation is machined by a pentahedron gantry at one go.

   The machine is characterized by good shock-absorption (6 times better than cast iron), non-sensitivity to heat, environmental friendly and low energy consumption etc.

   The machine with ball screw and quality ball type linear guideway, it moves quickly. It is installed by using high-precision nut-shape ball-screw to pre-tighten so as to minimize the gap between normal and reverse movements thus ensuring the assembled transmission precision.

   Ability in complex external shaping and integration: with the process and material performance different from traditional cast iron, mineral casting has an integration ability strong enough to cast those delivering cutting fluid, such as tubing, shaped object, guide rail, cable, oil tube, air tube and connecting pieces, into the mineral castings. In the process of bed body production, the plate to install the guide rail can be directly casted together with the mineral casting and subsequently, be milled, drilled etc. to make the installation plane meet the installation requirement. With a thermal expansion coefficient similar to iron and steel, mineral castings can be well-integrated with the materials to be cast therein.

   High precision: with small plastic deformation and non-existing local shrinkage, mineral casting has precision and stability much higher than that of traditional cast iron because there is the internal stress existing in the latter. In many cases, mineral castings are shaped at one go without machining. Even if higher precision is needed, it is very easy to meet the requirement just by milling and grinding. Make the working piece more precise.

   Shock-absorption: mineral castings have better shock-absorption as 6 and 10 times much as the traditional cast iron and steel respectively, especially for vibration at large amplitude, an assurance to machine precision. With the machine using mineral casting as base, the vibration generated during operation has almost no impact on the base, not only assuring the machine's precision but also making the working piece more precise.

   Thermal stability: thanks to non-sensitivity to temperature change and a thermal conductivity much lower than metals, the mineral casting makes it possible to control and minimize effectively the geometric error from a heated machine, ensuring the machine works at the desired precision.

   Corrosion-resistance: Since mineral castings enjoy strong resistance to corrosion of such fluids as for cutting and cooling, the bed body will not get rusty from fluid deposition.

   Environment-friendliness: the mineral casting consumes energy as one tenth much as cast iron. Natural resources are made full use of: one kilogram of materials can be made into one kilogram of components. Cast iron and iron &steel entails mining (iron ore, coals), which have affected severely environment because of pit excavation, spoiling, waste gas emission and backfilling etc. and also endangered human health. In the process of cast iron and iron &steel production, not only plenty of CO, CO2 and dust is emitted but also huge amount of waste is produced needing dust-removal etc. Mineral casting nearly gets rid of all of these burdens to environment.

   With an optional Fourth axis, polyhedrons are processed effectively in higher efficiency and precision.

   The mineral-cast base absorbs shock well

   The construction of Y-shape riser ensures high rigidity

   Spindle speed up to 12000 rpm

   Quick feed speed up to 36 m/min

   Processing efficiency up by 20% compared with traditional hard-rail machine

   Processing precision up by 40% 
Standard equipment:
FANUC 0I MATE MD control system, air condition for electrical cabinet; 16-station arm tool changer, working lamp, automatic lubrication, coolant system, rigid tapping, high-pressure water gun, spiral chip conveyor, tool box, operation manual, and programming instruction.

Optional equipment:
SIEMENS 828D control system,12-station umbrella tool changer, chip flushing, coolant through spindle; spindle oil-cooler; 4th axis; tool touch sensor; safety door interlock

Technical parameters:


Machine Model

X.mill M640

Travel X/ Y/Z


spindle nose to table 


Spindle to column


Table dimension


Table height from floor


Max. Load 


T-slot width


T-slot distance


T-slot number



BT 40

Spindle speed 

8000rpm/12000rpm (option)

Spindle servo motor


CNC Controller

Fanuc 0i Mate MD Control

Rapid feed


Cutting speed 


Positioning accuracy


Repeatability accuracy


Air pressure


Tool changer 

16 arm

Machine weight


Machine dimensions(L*W*H)


Power supply and total power

AC380V/3PH,50Hz  13KW