l   Make samples for customer in free of charge to ensure if Dima can provide you satisfied technical services before purchase Dima machines. Assist customer solving difficult problem of technology, and help customer realize expected value of production profit-making.

l   Provide training for customer. Dima has training room where trainees dispatched by customer receive training and education. Also provide practical training in customer workshop combining actual products customer need to machine.

l   We install and adjust the machine for you and visit you aperiodically. If you have any questions or comment concerning the operation of your Dima machine, you can ask us. We will help you solve the problem.

l  Dima machine will be warrantee for one year under reasonable operation. During the warrantee time, we will supply the fittings for you. After the warrantee, the fittings will be charged, the price refer to the contract attachment.

l   Supply the material consumed and tool for the customer.